Boris Johnson accepts ‘personal responsibility’ for ‘very disappointing’ by-election defeat

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he accepts the “very disappointing” by-election loss in North Shropshire and takes “personal responsibility” for the result.

Speaking during a visit to a vaccination centre in Hillingdon, the Prime Minister said: “Clearly the vote in North Shropshire is a very disappointing result.

“I totally understand people’s frustrations. I hear what the voters are saying in North Shropshire. In all humility I have got to accept that verdict.

“I understand that what voters want us as the Government to be doing at all times is to focus on them and their priorities.”

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He told Sky News: “I am responsible for everything the Government does, and of course I take personal responsibility.”

Asked why the Tories lost the stronghold, he said it came down to “talking about ourselves and those issues – seeming to be focused on those issues at the expense of the things that really matter to people”.

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