And Just Like That… 8 style lessons to steal from Sex And The City’s sequel

December has been a busy month for all of us, with Christmas gifting, dinner gatherings, and all kinds of festive fun. And for all Sex And The City fans, this is also a month worth raising your champagne glasses (or Cosmos) for.

The iconic HBO series now has a sequel titled And Just Like That which was released on December 9, 2021. Featuring three of the original leading ladies — Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon (ICYMI Kim Cattrall opted not to reprise her role) — the mini-series lets us in on the lives of the now 50-something characters.

Based on what we’ve watched so far, the events unfolding in the lives of Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda have ranged from interesting to jaw-dropping. Family and friends issues aside, And Just Like That also provides an eye feast for fashion lovers. There’s even an official Instagram account dedicated to the characters’ outfits in the drama. That’s how major a role fashion plays in And Just Like That. 

With that, we took a close look at the outfits, and compiled a list below that makes us want to challenge the conventional fashion rules.

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