Actress Fan Bingbing posts photos to refute rumours she has given birth, Latest Movies News

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has taken to social media to post photos of herself, a rare move that may be an attempt to refute rumours of her giving birth in the Chinese city of Nanjing.

In a Weibo post on Saturday (Nov 27), the 40-year-old wrote in Chinese: “Happy in Xi’an. Why is there so much delicious food? I don’t feel like leaving. Paomo tastes absolutely great.”

Paomo, a hot stew of chopped-up steamed leavened flat bread cooked in lamb broth and served with mutton, is a speciality of Shaanxi cuisine and a typical dish eaten in the provincial city of Xi’an.

Fan also posted several full-length photos of herself, showing off her slim figure.

The actress, who used to top Forbes magazine’s list of top-earning Chinese celebrities, shared a shot of her jumping down from a height into the arms of a female companion to further prove her “agility”.

In other photos, she was seen cosying up to an unidentified man. Several netizens pointed out he had been among a group of friends who appeared in Fan’s social media photos on Qixi festival, more popularly known as Chinese Valentine’s Day, in August.

Fan, whose acting career has been in limbo since she was embroiled in a tax evasion scandal in 2018, has been hit by several rumours of pregnancy and secret weddings of late.

The most recent rumour claimed that she has given birth to a son secretly in a hospital in Nanjing on Friday and alleged the father was a shopping mall owner in the city.

A month before that, there was speculation that Fan and ex-fiance, actor Li Chen, had divorced after marrying in a low-profile wedding. The agencies of both actors swiftly rubbished the rumour.

Fan seemed unperturbed by the gossip. Later on Saturday, she posted a poster of her new movie 355, with the caption: “Looking forward to it”.

The action spy film, also starring Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz and Lupita Nyong’o, is scheduled for release in January next year.

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