A bachelorette pad that is a psychedelic hideout

The central point of the famous essay by Virginia Woolf is that every woman needs a space to call her own, and in this modern era, many now not only have their own rooms, but also their own homes. In this three-part series, three women share how they created abodes that reflect their personalities.

Loo Ching Ling, a researcher in the creative sector who’s in her 30s, has been living in her four-room HDB flat since 2019. A self-described “colour fiend”, she wanted a kaleidoscopic aesthetic for her home.

“I love playing with colours, doing colourblocking and mixing textures. I wanted my house to be a place that makes me happy the moment I step into it. I also knew I wanted it to have a laid-back and homey vibe, as it’s more in line with my personality – I can’t deal with spaces that look very polished and perfect,” she explains. She designed the place herself and worked with a contractor to achieve the look.

As she’s also big on sustainability, she had a checklist to follow when scouring for furniture and fixtures.

“I’d ask myself things like, ‘Is the company known for sustainable practices? Can I buy this second-hand? Would it be durable?’” she shares.

Her advice for someone putting together their home? Don’t stress about making it perfect.

“It’s fun to see your home as a work-in-progress that you can always add to, change and remodel. It should grow together with you – that’s the joy of a living space,” she muses.

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