6 eco-minded labels doing denim right

Furthering its commitment to the environment with the release of its most sustainable denim collection to date, H&M launched its Recycled Denim collection, a 10-piece range that includes baggy jeans, loose straight-leg jeans, a trucker jacket, oversized overshirt, a bucket hat and shopper.

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Made from 100% recycled denim fabrics, the ’90s inspired collection uses partly recycled metal zippers and trims, pre-consumer recycled cotton from industrial waste cuttings and post-consumer recycled cotton from collected garments, recycled polyester and fabrics re-used from production rejects. Each denim piece also washes free from harmful chemicals, and fabric dyes used save 65-95% of water consumption as compared to conventional dyes. For this collection, H&M also shared Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data, focusing on water, energy and CO2 impacts throughout the production process.

This comes after H&M’s sustainable denim collaboration with American denim legend Lee. Incorporating renewable practices at every stage of design and production, the collection sees updated workwear essentials—from H&M’s first-ever 100% recycled cotton jeans and overalls made from 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste, to faux-leather backpatches crafted from cork and jacron.

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