15 surprising things to know about Rebecca Lim

Without a doubt, Rebecca Lim is one of the most popular actresses in Singapore. The TV sweetheart is a familiar face on both Channel 5 and 8 and has acted in notable dramas such as The Pupil (2010/11), C.L.I.F (2011/2019), the You Can Be An Angel series (2015/16/18) and A Jungle Survivor (2020). Apart from having acting chops, she is also an advertiser’s darling, having endorsed everything from cars to jewellery, supplements and skincare. She has even appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines (including Her World) and flew around the world to attend fashion shows and events before the Covid-19 pandemic.

To celebrate her 35th birthday on September 26, here are 15 facts to know about the down-to-earth star.

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